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The 2010 Annual Data Report (ADR) includes the chapters listed below. Chapters can be downloaded as PDFs; figures can be downloaded as PowerPoint slides. Excel files containing the data from which the figures and tables were created can also be downloaded.

2010 Annual Data Report

View e-reader version by clicking the links below (Adobe Flash reader Requires Adobe Flash Reader). Or view printer-friendly PDF versions at right. View printer-friendly version PowerPoint Excel
  Adobe Flash reader Full ADR Adobe PDF Full ADR (26,292 KB)    
  Adobe Flash reader Introduction Adobe PDF Intro (831 KB) Powerpoint Intro (1,446 KB) Excel Intro (19 KB)
I. Adobe Flash reader Kidney Adobe PDF Kidney (5,274 KB) Powerpoint Kidney; (5,698 KB) Excel Kidney (384 KB)
II. Adobe Flash reader Pancreas Adobe PDF Pancreas (2,675 KB) Powerpoint Pancreas (5,671KB) Excel Pancreas (223 KB)
III. Adobe Flash reader Liver Adobe PDF Liver (4,257 KB) Powerpoint Liver (5,145KB) Excel Liver (329 KB)
IV. Adobe Flash reader Intestine Adobe PDF Intestine (2,647 KB) Powerpoint Intestine (3,052KB) Excel Intestine (121 KB)
V. Adobe Flash reader Heart Adobe PDF Heart (3,846 KB ) Powerpoint Heart (4,298 KB) Excel Heart (249 KB)
VI. Adobe Flash reader Lung Adobe PDF Lung (3,495 KB) Powerpoint Lung (4,189 KB) Excel Lung (229 KB)
VII. Adobe Flash reader Deceased Organ Donation Adobe PDF Deceased Organ Donation (2,507 KB) Powerpoint Deceased Organ Donation (2,868 KB) Excel Deceased Organ Donation (85 KB)
VIII. Adobe Flash reader Allocation Policies Adobe PDF Allocation Policies (1,784 KB)    
IX. Adobe Flash reader Appendix Adobe PDF Appendix (2,311 KB)