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The 2011 Annual Data Report (ADR) includes the chapters listed below. Chapters can be downloaded as PDFs; figures can be downloaded as PowerPoint slides. Excel files containing the data from which the figures and tables were created can also be downloaded.

2011 Annual Data Report

View e-reader version by clicking the links below (Adobe Flash readerRequires Adobe Flash Reader). Or view printer-friendly PDF versions at right. View printer-friendly version PowerPoint Excel
  Adobe Flash reader Full ADR Adobe PDF Full ADR  (25 MB)    
  Adobe Flash reader Introduction Adobe PDF Intro  (1 MB) Powerpoint Intro  (1 MB ) Excel Intro  (21 KB )
I. Adobe Flash reader Kidney Adobe PDF Kidney  (4 MB) Powerpoint Kidney  (7 MB ) Excel Kidney  (557 KB )
II. Adobe Flash reader Pancreas Adobe PDF Pancreas  (3 MB) Powerpoint Pancreas  (6 MB ) Excel Pancreas  (282 KB )
III. Adobe Flash reader Liver Adobe PDF Liver  (3 MB ) Powerpoint Liver  (6 MB ) Excel Liver  (370 KB )
IV. Adobe Flash reader Intestine Adobe PDF Intestine  (2 MB ) Powerpoint Intestine  (3 MB ) Excel Intestine  (136 KB )
V. Adobe Flash reader Heart Adobe PDF Heart  (3 MB ) Powerpoint Heart  (5 MB ) Excel Heart  (343 KB )
VI. Adobe Flash reader Lung Adobe PDF Lung  (3 MB ) Powerpoint Lung  (5 MB ) Excel Lung  (318 KB )
VII. Adobe Flash reader Deceased Organ Donation Adobe PDF Deceased Organ Donation  (4 MB ) Powerpoint Deceased Organ Donation  (3 MB ) Excel Deceased Organ Donation  (144 KB )
VIII. Adobe Flash reader International Data Adobe PDF International Data  (6 MB ) Powerpoint International Data  (1 MB ) Excel International Data  (92 KB )
IX. Adobe Flash reader Appendix Adobe PDF Appendix  (1 MB )